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Attract the One is your unique 1:1 immersion for cultivating the partnership you deeply desire.


ATTRACT THE ONE is for you if:


you're tired of dating, butting heads, disconnect or arguments

you swing from madly in love to painfully hurt on an exhausting rollercoaster

you desire a partnership where you feel on the same page, deeply connected but keep your freedom

you want to break through core beliefs & deeper road blocks holding you back

you're ready to show up differently in how to relate in love & within partnership

you want to feel worthy, confident, deeply loved & content 


Join me


To activate your unique values, self belief, unlock integrity & amplify your energy.

To break through your personal blocks, wounds, inner stories and codes.

Together, we create a deep alignment with yourself and your wholeness by building self worth, self love and magnetise your life... to attract and create the type of relationship you long for.

We explore and awaken a deeper connection with yourself, your energy, your uniqueness...

 to attract and create YOUR ULTIMATE PARTNERSHIP.


You will learn...


essential relationship dynamics, types of attachment and 'how to relationship' (no one teaches us these things!)


how to create solid foundations so the partnership you desire can land safely... and thrive


to build your self worth, self belief & self assurance - both in and out of relationship


quit losing yourself in partnership, firm up your boundaries & values


simplify your moments of disconnect with clarity, love & support - to be seen and heard


navigate your inner world, with acceptance & confidence, using embodiment tools to boldly ignite passion & play... with depth & desire


This program is your invitation to cultivate great love from a place of deep truth, self alignment and inner trust.


In our 3 months together, you receive:


• 9 x unique & fully personalised 1:1 coaching sessions:

Weekly for 1 month to create solid momentum & catapult you on your path

Fortnightly for 2 months as consistency is key to creating sustainable change 

• Live voice chatting & full 1:1 support via Voxer (or Messenger) 

Tangible tools for integration and embodiment each step of the way

Private Awaken Love + Life FB Group access to ongoing support, connect & grow together

Lifetime access to all content received in the 3 months

Unlimited 1:1 email connection & support

Unlimited MoveTrainGlow Online Access so you can be stronger IN YOUR BODY & MIND


As this program is completely bespoke and personalised, it is natural and often the case that we adjust the session dates to account for more frequent support over the 3 month period when needed.


I am 100% here for you, to guide your growth, inner awareness and ensure you feel completely supported and held when we work together 1:1.



Learn more about 1:1 coaching for your relationship.

Create more love today.

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I cannot wait to walk with you on your journey to attract and create your dream partnership.


I am Sarah McLachlan, your Relationship Coach, here to guide you to elevate your energy, inspire your intuition and amplify your authenticity...

breathing into your unique brilliance to create that harmonious haven for true love.

I am here for you all the way. 

Big Love,

Sarah Mc x


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